Sunday, February 28, 2010

CD14 Results!

Sorry, I know I'm a day late with this but it's harder to get around to posting on weekends.  I went in yesterday (Saturday) for CD14 monitoring and here are the results:

Estrogen: 586 (up from 408 on CD13)
Leading Follicle: 23mm!!  (with two additional at 15mm and 16mm)

So, last night, I took my first trigger shot.  It wasn't as bad as I had expected.  A lot of people told me it burned, but it wasn't very bad at all.  I just made sure to take my time injecting it, and that seemed to help.  Anyway, I took it at 10pm, and my first IUI is scheduled for tomorrow (CD16) at 10am.  I'm excited and nervous and happy... a whole mix of emotions.  I can't believe that by tomorrow, we could have our baby!  This might be the longest two week wait, ever!!

The hubby and I decided to have a sort of a date day yesterday.  We spent the day at our favorite winery, followed by dinner, and some personal time together (if you catch my drift).  It was a great day.  Today, I woke up to tons of EWCM, a +OPK, and for the first time, a VERY obvious open, soft cervix.  Its crazy, I never thought things like this would make me so happy!

Anyway, there's the update.  IUI is tomorrow morning, yay!!  Everyone keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Whoo!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!! Good luck tomm!!!

  2. Waaahooo!! Mine are double crossed for you! I'm glad you didn't have trouble with the HcG. Hopefully that's a good sign for smooth sailing from here on out! GL!

  3. I wish you the best Lindsay. Such an exciting time for you! Yes, the 2ww will be dreadful ;) but hopefully you will be greatly rewarded at the end of it!

  4. Lori B. (WTE: lorilyn607)February 28, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    I tried to post once before but I'm not sure it went through (stupid computer). Anyway, I saw some of your posts on WTE and found your blog so interesting. DH and I have been trying to conceive for over a year and have an appt. with an RE at the end of March. Since we may be heading down the same path, I have found your blog to be super informative! Anyway, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you tomorrow!! Wish you the best of luck!

  5. Lindsay,

    Hello :) I'm new to your blog by way of Cheryl's blog and wanted to wish you "good luck" on your 1st IUI. I pray this is your only IUI for the next 9 months. I'm ever FAITHFUL and will be praying that you see that BFP :)

    I look forward to following you on this road of "success"


  6. Yay, best of luck at your IUI!

  7. Good luck! Glad to hear that things are progressing so well!

  8. They're crossed and crossed again! BTW, a +OPK doesn't mean much with the trigger. If you want to see a +Preg test, POAS! You aren't pregnant yet, but the Trigger gives a false positive. :)

    This is going to be a long two weeks for me too! I am so excited for you! :)

  9. @QuackenBaby, that is so funny you said that because I actually thought about doing that! I thought I was crazy for thinking it so I'm glad I'm not the only one... its sad when all you want to see is a BFP, even when you know it wouldn't be real!

    And thanks to everyone else for all the love and support! I'm very lucky to have you all!!