Friday, February 19, 2010

Zen... holmmm

After waiting for what seemed like a lifetime, I ended up leaving the Pharmacy this afternoon with a nice dent in my new credit card.  Even though the company said a decision would be made by 4pm, they apparently need a few more hours for what must be a horribly difficult decision.  But, I digress...

Going into it, the idea of putting $500 on my credit card made me cringe... my husband is a stingy man  (I am not exaggerating... I would love to kick up the heat or crank up the AC in the summer, but he is so stingy) who is constantly on my case about credit cards, and even though he was more than OK with this charge, its now overly drilled into my brain that credit cards are bad.  Then I started watching all the other women coming in to pick up their own prescription(s).  I actually feel lucky only spending $500.  Two women came in to get Follistim and some other meds and spent $2500 and $4300 respectively.  My mouth almost hit the floor.  I don't know what else they got (I only know the Follistim fact because one of them told me and the other I saw open her package). 

So after this experience, I've decided to take a more zen approach to this.  I need to get past my obsessive and impatient nature and go with the flow.  I have my meds now... and even if I don't get reimbured, its still not so bad.  If this cycle is meant to work, then it will.  Granted, this zen mood may only last the night, but I am going to try to keep it up until at least monitoring starts on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed.

Thankfully the weekend is here, and I have decided my most difficult decision is going to be picking between LOST, Buffy, or My So-Called Life for my planned DVD maration (the hubs is going out of town for a boys weekend, so I have the house to myself) and what sushi I am in the mood for.

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