Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Never An Easy Moment

Another day, another issue.  I started today in great spirits.  Today is Day 1 of this new cycle of Clomid (round 4), but I feel much better about it since this will be the first round with injectables.  I'm so excited, I could pee myself.  Even if this doesn't work (which will of course be heartbreaking), each new drug or method gets us one step closer, and that is exciting to me...

But, of course, issues always arise... and wouldn't you know, half the time its related to insurance issues.  I know I can't complain because I am lucky to have some coverage, but geez!  It's exhausting sometimes dealing with this crap!

So, what happened??  Well. tomorrow, my Gonal-F vials were due to be delivered for use starting on Saturday.  I took the day off of work and was "patiently" waiting to see if my insurance company was going to cover it.  Then I get an email from my nurse, saying my RE wants me to get a refill started now because I will likely need more than the 3 days worth (original plan was 75mg injections on Day 7-9)... Umm, OK, well if thats what she wanted, why didn't she write the script for more than 3 vials?  *Sigh* So I call up the drug company that is sending it to me, and they say:

1. You can't just add more vials (idiot... is what they wanted to say), you need a new script... even if you have 2 refills left, it doesn't work like that...

And...(best part)

2. We're still waiting on the prior authorization from your insurance company... so we will not be shipping out today for you tomorrow... so we're moving it to Friday delivery (day before I need the drug, hope nothing goes wrong!  hint: sarcasm), and we aren't even sure we will have the authorization by then, so who knows how it will work out... best of luck, though!

Great, thanks guys!  Didn't you think maybe it would be a good idea to call and let me know of these issues?  If my nurse hadn't prompted me to make the call, I would have never known, and I would have wasted a day at home waiting for it.  Thanks sooo much.

Just another day in the life of IF treatments... ain't life grand??

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