Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Pics!

Earlier this month, we finally got around to getting some professional Lane and family photos.  You have no idea how hard of a time I had finding someone in the Richmond area to do this.  I had contacted and all but set up an official shoot date with three different photographers just to end up never hearing from them again.  I contacted my friend (and photographer) Lisa who jumped on a magic message board and found me Kacie Lynch, and I loved her!  She did such a great job, and I love that the session included a disk with all the pictures on it.  It didn't cost extra, which seemed to be the case with most other photographers.  We will definitely be using her again!

Sadly, Lane only had about an hour of tolerance in him that day, mostly because it was the coldest day that month, but we still got some good shots.  Here are a few (or a lot) of my favorites!!


Punch to the Gut

So yesterday, we took the car in to be serviced before leaving for Christmas vacation.  We have yet to buy a second car since the unfortunate destruction of the Mazda last year, but it works out for the most part since Eric works from home.  Annnnnyway, as a result, I had the car shuttle service pick me up from work and take me back to the dealership to get the car.

So, we are driving along and I somehow get on the subject of kids, specifically Lane.  Here's the gist of the convo:

"Blah Blah Blah, like your work?"

"Yes, but I'm happy to be done for the day.  I'm exhausted!  Of course, I have to go home to my second job with my 14 month old."

"Oh, you have twins?"


"Twins, right?"

::major pause, insert punch in gut face::



Really?  I really didn't say ANYTHING to remotely imply twins so where did it come from?  I've said it a hundred times before, but I already feel like I've had my membership to the exclusive club for twin mommies taken away, but I'm typically pretty well adjusted.  But when something like this happens, I have no idea how to react.  What do I say??  "Um, no sir, well, actually, yes sir, only there was this terrible accident and now I just have one son... so, no twins anymore... I know you feel super awkward now but at least I'm not the only one..."

I never know how to react in these situations.  I have a hard enough time not wanting to hate every woman in the world with or expecting twins... I know it isn't THEIR fault that this happened to me, and I know deep down its just jealously looking in on the life I was SUPPOSED to have, but my logically knowing this does not make the feeling go away.  Plain and simple.  Hell, to be honest, sometimes I feel that way towards all mommies-to-be, regardless of multiples or not... it must be some coping mechanism of mine.  I think my own fears of being pregnant again are just starting to rub off on my social interactions...