Monday, February 22, 2010


Ugh, I feel like my stomach is doing flips!  Today, I bumped up my Metformin dose to 3 x 500 mg per day.  My doctor said Metformin could cause you to be nauseas, which is why we ramped up the dose slowly over the past couple weeks, but I haven't had any issues since taking it... except maybe a little on Day 1.  But today is a whole new story.  Ever since taking my mid-day pill with lunch, I've felt like I am going to pass out or ralph at any second... maybe even both. 

I must look sick too, because everyone who has come to my office has asked what's wrong... and of course wrapped up the discussion with the typical "I bet you're pregnant" statement.  Hello!  Nausea does not automatically equal pregnancy.  People tend to get sick and nauseas... its pretty common.  Why is it now that I am at a certain age that this is the automatic conclusion?  Granted, people at work have no idea that I am trying to get pregnant, nor that we are having trouble doing so, but I hate hearing everyone's deep intellect on the subject, especially when I know that isn't the case.  Then to top it all off, when you dismiss their suspicions, they give you that look like "Riiiight, I know you're hiding something".  Oh my gosh, shove it and get out of my office already!

Anyway, enough bitching for one day; it really was not my intent for this post, but it just gets away from me sometimes.  Today (or rather tonight) is Day 3 of the Follistim injections, and they are going well.  Giving the shot itself is cake, no problems at all there.  I don't know what I expected, but I thought I might feel different.  Not sure how, really, but just different.  I hate not being able to know if its working. 

Tomorrow is my first day of monitoring for this cycle.  It will be CD10, so I am not expecting too much, but I am hoping to be in a better position than I was last time... I really have my fingers crossed for something bigger than 11mm, because right now, I HATE that number.


  1. do you feel bloated at all? that is how i felt after a few days of the stims (if you check out the "hurdles" tab on my blog you can see the stats for each cycle).

    people still say the "oh i bet your pregnant" to me when i am not feeling well.. and i just tell them "well, i haven't ovulated yet, so that is pretty impossible." i find being rudely blunt really shuts people down. :D

  2. I do feel a little bloated, but I can't tell if its the injections or one of the other meds. I feel like I have put on so much weight since starting IF treatments.

    I have had moments where I become blunt with the "I bet you're pregnant" statements, but I'm trying to avoid it at work... if one person found out then EVERYone would know every bit of my business.