Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

This morning was my CD10 bloodwork and ultrasound.  I'm still waiting on the "official" results, but based on what the doctor who was overseeing the u/s this morning (we'll call him Dr. L) said, this cycle is more than working.  I had two leading follicles on each side (I'll have the exact measurements this afternoon, but the largest was 17 x 14 mm, so I guess that would call that a 15-16mm follie??  We'll see), as well a several smaller (10-11 mm) follies on each side.  Dr. L said that most likely my doctor (Dr. K) will not want me to do anymore Follistim injections this cycle, because it has definitely worked better than expected, even at the lowest dose (50 IUs).

So like I said, I am damned if I do and damned if I don't.  On the Clomid alone, I was getting nowhere, but now with the Metformin/Clomid/Follistim combo, I am at risk of overstimulation.  Don't get me wrong, words cannot describe how happy and excited I was leaving this morning's appointment.  I was elated.  When I saw the follicles on the u/s screen, I almost screamed.  It was so different from last cycle where I only had a couple follies, and they never got any bigger than 11mm.  But I'm also worried; Dr. L did say that having so many lead follicles can be a dangerous avenue (unless you're proceeding with IVF, not IUI like I am).  I'm hoping to get more info this afternoon, but my biggest fear is that they will tell me this cycle is a no-go due to the risk of high multple births (triplets and more).

Is it wrong for me to say, "I don't care"?  I know that I'm probably not thinking the whole thing through right now, but it's will be hard for me to accept moving on based on a possiblilty.  Dr. L said it can go either way, and its something I should really discuss with my own doctor before making a decision.  He said you can have 10 lead follicles and not get pregnant, or have 3 and get triplets.  Its just how much are you willing to risk. 

So anyway, I'm going to try to focus on work for the remainder of the day and wait on the follow up phone call from my doctor with the official results.  I have my fingers crossed!  Most likely, if all is well, I'll be back in a day or two, and will trigger later this week.


  1. That is great news about your response! My hunch is that they will proceed. At each and every one of IUI's with injectables (4 total) I have received the "multiples talk" because of my response. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. That's great that you are responding so well! I would not want to scrap the cycle either, that's the worst! I so hope this cycle works for you!

    I won't know how I'm responding to this Femara cycle until my first u/s next Tuesday (day 14). I asked if they would do an u/s earlier than day 14, but they just told me to do opks until then and come in early if I get a positive. I'm going to go crazy waiting this week!

    -Alice (cassada110)