Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Dice...

No such luck, it seems, for this cycle.  Today is CD21, and I had yet another follow up u/s (this was number 4).  My lead follicle was only 10-11mm... which, confuses the heck out of me.  On Sunday (CD18), the lead follicle was 13mm, so please tell me how it is back to 11mm again (which is what it measured for both my first and second u/s).  Do I somehow have magical disappearing follicles???

So, at the end of this appointment, I didn't get the cheerful "We'll check again in a few days"... It was more "Well, by now the Clomid should be working, and isn't, so we can give you Provera so you can move onto your next cycle".

I'm super frustrated.  My last few cycles, I have O'ed, but very late (CD26-29 range).  I was really hoping with the increase in dose, this cycle would be even earlier, but guess not.

And now I am torn.  Should I go ahead and start with the Provera or wait it out to see if I O late?

Time to make a Pro/Con list, I suppose...

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