Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CD10 Monitoring, Update

I just got off the phone with my nurse, and the results are in:

Estrogen = 273
Right Ovary = 15.5 mm and 12.5mm leading follicles, with several smaller follicles
Left Ovary = 13.5mm and 12.5mm leading follicles, also with several smaller follicles

My doctor's office considers your follicles to be mature at 15mm or more, and will trigger at 20mm, so I still have a little ways to go.  I will not be doing anymore Follistim injections, but will continue with the Metformin, and follow up again on Thursday, CD12.

I'm still really worried they are going to tell me to scrap this cycle due to overstimulation, but hopefully they will calm down a little...  I just really want this cycle to work!!

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  1. Sounds like great news so far. Great to know your body will respond! Crossing my fingers this cycle works out!!