Monday, February 15, 2010

And She's Here!

I've probably never been so excited to get my period!  She is here and this new cycle can begin.  I am actually surprised that I started so soon.  Last time I took Provera, I was 7 weeks into my cycle, and it still took 3 days after the last pill to start.  This time around, I started taking the Provera on CD21, so I thought it would take a bit longer, but I started only 2 days after the last pill.  So, yay!

Now I'm just waiting on my nurse to call me back so we can set up monitoring appointments... I hate waiting.  Don't they know its dangerous to make a hormone-crazed women with PMS wait anything length of time? 

I think this cycle we are going to do an IUI.  Our original plan was to try one successful ovulatory cycle with good old-fashioned baby dancing, but after speaking with my RE, she thinks it would be a good idea to proceed with the IUI and not wait another cycle.  She said that it would help double our chances of conceiving and that it has been known to help women who have had a LEEP procedure in the past, which I did back in 2007.

I, of course, have about a thousand questions for my nurse, but the biggest one is "What day do I count as CD 1??".  Usually, I have no issue with this.  I'll usually wake up to a huge temp drop and full on flow, so there is no question about it, but this time, it didn't work like that.  My temp was still pretty up (97.77) on Sunday morning.  Then around 11AM, I noticed some spotting.  My husband and I were worried AF would ruin our Valentine's Day sexin', so we immediately went at it ;-D.  Then at around 3PM, while shopping in Target, I definitely felt like she was in full force.  I went to the bathroom, and there was definitely more than spotting, but not as heavy as I am used to on my first day.  Then this morning, my temp dropped even more (97.33) and there is no mistaking a heavy flow at this point.

My doctor said that any flow (i.e. not spotting)  before 5PM would be counted as Day 1, but I have such a hard time deciding if this was a light flow or spotting.  I'm worried that if I pick wrong, this cycle will be messed up, especially since I will be taking Clomid on CD3 instead of CD5 this time around.  I am leaning more towards Sunday being my Day 1, but I can't help but question it, because it was light.  I'm worried it may have just been spotting mixed with DH's semen from our Valentine's rendezvous.  Ugh, what I wouldn't give to not have to question things like this!!

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with my nurse.  Hubby and I will be going in tomorrow for some pre-IUI bloodwork, and my monitoring will begin next Tuesday.  She said to go ahead and count yesterday as Day 1, but I'm still worried about it.  I also thought maybe I'd be OK since I take the Clomid at night, but she said I should be taking it in the morning... not so sure I like this idea, but oh well, if tweaking my schedule a little and having hotflashes all day help me to get pregnant then so be it!

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  1. Lol! So glad that witch is here! How funny....sometimes we don't want her ugly face to show and other times we can't wait for it! Cycle Day 1 detemination has recently become hard for me to b/c the witch gradually shows...not all at once like she once did. She teases me! My RE always said to consider your first full day of flow as day 1 but they all do things differently. I would call and ask (I did). There is too much emotion, money, etc riding on this so I'd ask away to my little hearts content. I think the medical professionals take it for granted that we just "know" what to do. Keep us posted and BEST OF LUCK this cycle!