Tuesday, February 2, 2010

They're Here Already???

After only a few months into our TTC journey, I started to notice anyone and everyone else around me who was getting pregnant.  For about about a solid month, everytime I logged onto Facebook, another one of my friends was pregnant.  Then it moved into my place of work.  Allllll the women around me were getting pregnant, all the while I sit by and wonder "Why not me??"

Well, I'd like to think I got over it (at least a little bit...).  Yes, it was miserable knowing everyone had it sooo easy (When, in reality, how did I know that?  Who is to say they didn't go through all this stuff, too?), while we had so much trouble, but I learned to take it as it came and just deal with it cycle to cycle.

But today is a down day for me.  Not because more of my friends are pregnant (though, that is still happening), but because all those people who got pregant in the first six months of us TTC are now having their babies.  The past three days at work, I have gotten emails about someone having their baby.  I think its great, I am SO happy for them, but all this does is remind me how long this is taking.  I feel like I am being lapped...

I remember finding out a friend of mind was pregnant right at the same time my husband and I started trying.  She gave birth in October.  That was my first reminder of how long this is taking.  And now I am getting daily updates.  It sucks having to be the bigger person when all I want to do it scream about how unfair it all really is...

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