Monday, March 1, 2010

Only Day 1, and I Already Feel Crazy!

I'm driving myself insane... I'm so worried now with the "will this work?" that I can hardly focus on anything else.  I usually handle the 2WW very well, but this time around, it SUCKS.

Well for starters, I had my IUI this morning. Overall, it went very well. It didn't hurt at all; it wasn't even uncomfortable. They said DH's sample was very good, so yay! The whole process took only a few seconds and felt very similar to getting a pap. Apparently my cervix was really far back so I had to get a special speculum... I don't know if that’s a good thing or not, but I went with it. After the "boys" were in place, I had to lie on this table that basically put me in the most awkward position, with my hips and butt in the air and the blood rushing to my head, and I had to stay there for 15 minutes.

As you know, I trigger at 10PM on Saturday night, CD14, and my IUI was this morning at 10AM, 36 hours after the shot.  I know that these people are professionals and do this all the time, but I am so worried we missed the O.  On Sunday, I had EWCM and a very open cervix, so I knew I was fertile.  But this morning, my temp went up (to 97.77, which is a little high for me), and my CM is more watery/creamy.  And although my cervix feels softer than yesterday, it doesn't feel as open.

So of course, I'm driving myself nuts thinking we didn't catch the egg.  I'm so worried that I actually O'ed on Sunday, not today, and we are out.  We did BD on Saturday, but I'm worried it won't be enough.  Ugh, I wish we could just know now if it worked!


  1. The 2ww always sucks. Your questions regarding the trigger and timing of the IUI are totally justified. I finally gave in and decided to trust them when I actually got the bfp. I was like...guess they do know what they're doing! lol. Hang in there!

  2. Well, if you BD'd on Saturday and had the IUI today.. you have your bases covered. Now you just have to wait. xoxoxo

  3. I hope so, nothing to do but wait... I hate waiting :( LOL

  4. I ALWAYS worried about that part. The timing part. Then I would hear of some Dr. doing 2 IUI's one day apart. So then I would freak out that with just my 1 IUI, we missed it. Believe me...if you did the BD on Sat., and had your IUI on Mon. YOUR COVERED!! Sit back and relax!! (And WHEN you get pregnant, tell your hubs that you think it worked from the time you BD'ed, not the IUI, he'll fell proud about that!)