Monday, March 29, 2010

6 weeks on the dot

So today we are officially 6 weeks pregnant... we have our first ultrasound on Wednesday at 1:45pm and I cannot wait. It’s literally all I can think about... at least between the thoughts of how tired I am or how sick I feel or how much I wish I didn't have boobs right about now. Which, coincidentally, I find to be a great segue way into a status update on my most recent symptoms.

Exhaustion is still the front runner. I could fall asleep mid-conversation, and took two naps on Saturday. I nap a lot... and I fear I'm starting to look like a stoner to those around me at the current moment. I find myself just spaced out all the time. Plus it doesn't help that I wake up 2 to 4 times a night to pee and drink more water.

The nausea is closing in quickly on second. I thought I was pretty lucky thus far in this area, but right now, I feel like I could be sick at any moment. The idea of food makes me want to die. This really has only been going on for a couple days, but I'm already done with it... I cannot wait for this to end, but deep down I know, its just getting started.

Of course, my breasts are killing me. At first, it was just the nipples, but I woke up the other day and wanted to cry. My bras hurt, they hurt when I sleep, even if I just sleep on my side... and my husband doesn't understand that, while they look different and fun, it’s NOT fun to grab right now. I swear if I am touched one more time, I'm gonna gently caress his face with my fist.

I suppose that is all for now... no new and exciting updates thus far. Keep your fingers very crossed that all is well and our ultrasound goes great on Wednesday!


  1. we are two weeks apart! or at least I think, my appt is thursday! I feel ya with the nausea, ick i hate it, & its just the start.

    hope you start to feelin better!

  2. Get a sleep bra from Motherhood maternity- it will help some.

    Lots of symptoms=healthy pregnancy!

    It sucks but there's your silver lining. I hated it too but everytime I puked I thought "healthy" and thats what I wanted in the end. Espeically after all I went through (like you have) to get to the point of puking from m/s!