Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4w1d and Counting

I really need to stop temping.  I know this, deep down... so why can't I stop?  It just drives me insane.

Yesterday, my temp dropped, from around 98.4 to 98.0... it, of course, freaked me out.  But for nothing, because today, it was back up, and I'm still getting beautiful BFPs. 

I think I just have to accept that this is real, that it really did happen to me (FINALLY), and I need to RELAX. I think I have just known too many women who have gone through chemical pregnancies or miscarriages, that I have the idea stuck in my head...

I wish I was getting my follow up beta test sooner than Friday. I just want continued reassurance that everything is going OK.

Also, I've decided that since I originally used this blog to share my experiences of IF treatments and TTC, it only makes sense to share my experiences with the actual pregnancy. So, from here on out, those are the sorts of updates you can expect, right down to the TMI symptoms that everyone woman honestly does want to know.

So far, my symptoms are still pretty non-existent, but I'm still really early. Today is 4w1d... I expect it to start getting worse in the next week or so. Mostly, I am just worn out completely. I used to be an insomniac and had to take sleeping pills for years, which I have been slowing weaning off since I started IF treatments (very slowly, it was hard). The last time I took a pill (well, 1/4 a pill...that’s how I was weaning myself off - by pill cutting) was the Thursday after IUI. The first few days were hard, but since the middle of last week, I've had NO trouble getting to sleep. It's literally the second my head hits the pillow. I also almost always fall asleep watching TV after dinner now or take some sort of nap when I get home from work. I'm jus exhausted. But if it’s because my body is busy baby-making then I'm A-OK with it!

My only other symptoms are minor, with sore nipples and metal mouth. My bra is so uncomfortable and no amount of brushing my teeth can make this taste go away.  Oh, and I DROOL now, yeah, my poor pillow is just gross.


  1. check out can you imagine? and her pregnancy questionairre i think its a great guideline for things you might want to update us with!! xoxoxo

  2. *big hugs* I know the early 'what if' thoughts. And I'm a glass half full person!

    Even now at 20 weeks I have them. Especially the days before a doc appt. No reasons for my fears. No symptoms of issues. Just fear there won't be that heartbeat. But there always is.

    But the other half of me believes it's all AOK... and I try to let those thoughts take over.

  3. Congratulations on the BFP! I hope that Friday's betas look awesome!!!

  4. Oh Lindsay - I'm so very happy you got your BFP! Yayyyy! I can totally understand your anxiety regarding the next beta to make sure all is well. Friday will come soon enough so just enjoy today knowing that there is a precious little miracle inside of you :) I am praying for a H & H 9!!!