Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'll warn ya now... *TMI* ahead

There have been two things I have noticed in the last week, besides the complete exhaustion I've already complained about in full... both of these things are definitely in the TMI category, but hey, I said I was gonna be up front and honest on this thing, and I intend to stick to that, especially since I'm sure it's just gonna get worse. :) The funny part is, I can't wait! I'm ready for it. Bring on all those annoying pregnancy symptoms and remind me this is real!

Anyway, the first and most uncomfortable issues I am having right now is constipation. It started with the prenatal vitamins, but got worse about a week ago. And when I say worse, I mean, bowel movements had become a thing of the past! I am usually a fairly regular gal, but not so much anymore. It's made me gassy and made my stomach hurt, and I have been miserable in this department. Well, I am happy to say, I finally POOPED! Yup, I'm excited by my execratory progress, regardless of how little anyone else in the world cares. I care, because for the first time in a week, I don't feel like my intestines are going to explode. It’s awesome.

Secondly, its the CM. I, at least, expected this somewhat, but really, not to this degree. I know my body is busy making the mucus plug, and I commend it, but I constantly feel like I have peed my pants or something.... which wouldn't surprise me right now if that did happen since I am peeing all the time right now.

In other news, it turns out my husband is terrified to have sex with me. I'm trying my best to tell him he can hurt the baby, as (a) he can't even reach him or her, and (b) its the size of a poppy seed right now. But it's to no avail. I hate to admit it hasn't really bothered me, though, because I have been so tired. All I want to do is sleep and nap and sleep more. But I don't want our sex life to go downhill either. Ugh, what’s a lady to do?


  1. The CM problem was terrible with my pregnancy.. So, get used to it. I had to wear a panty liner every day during my pregnancy because it was that bad it would soak through my JEANS! :) Ah, the joys of being pregnant!

  2. I am 14weeks preggers, and I must say the CM issues has not gone away for me!!! It is horrible...

  3. I had the CM issue too. Wore a panty liner alot of days and it never went away!

    As for the sex thing- my hubby was the same way- I didn't mind because I was SO afraid of losing the babies or going into preterm labor after our 2 m/cs so I have to say our sexlife during pregnancy was pretty non existant. We probably had sex maybe 12 times in 9 months. I wasn't feeling very sexy and he was afraid to hurt me "or the babies". Even though our dr told us it was healthy and all- we just didn't.

    I was really constipated too. Talk to your dr- he let me take a Colace and that helped. I took it with my prenatal!

    Hope it turns out better for you too!

  4. Oh do I feel you on the CM thing. I'm only 6 weeks and it's still horrible. I mean it's been to bad that I've stopped, ran to the bathroom, and checked because I thought for sure AF was coming and I misscarried. Granny panties, come back on out! (they never told us our period panties would become our CM panties..haha) Also, constipation...horrible. I suffer from it anyway, but it totally worse. My girlfriend who just gave birth and who is also a laber and delivery nurse told me to start on over the counter stool softeners immediately. Just a thought!

  5. I got my husband a book, The Everything Father-to-Be book. He's not one to read books to help him understand, "natural human processes" (his words when I gave him the book). But this book, he likes. The guy who wrote it knows how to word things so it's not clinical. Apparently everytime he gets worried, he looks up his fear in the book. It's always there and he usually destresses a little afterwards. But, if you do get your hubby this book, I'll give you warning. Everytime I complain about anything, the sentence out of my husbands mouth always starts with, "Well, my book says..." Also, I'm with you about all the symptoms you're having. I'm 6w2d and it's all the same! :) So happy for you!