Friday, March 12, 2010

Please be real...

Sorry I didn't post yesterday... I was afraid of speaking too soon and having the inevitable crash-and-burn.

Yesterday around lunch time, after holding my pee for about 5 hours and limiting my liquid intake, I decided to POAS.  Since I was only 10DPO, I was sure it would be negative, but to my surprise, the faintest line was there... barely visable on my Dollar Tree test.  So, of course, it was in NO way true or substantial.  I did not let myself believe it.

So this morning comes around, and as I am laying in bed, almost in pain by how much I need to pee, I decide "Let's try this again".  So I did, with a FRER and a Dollar Tree test.  The Dollar Tree test was still faint, but the FRER was plain as day, IMHO.  Here are all three tests:

You can barely see the DT tests in this pic but the test today is darker than the test from yesterday, and the FRER is clear.  I was in shock.  There is no way this could be happening... I have to try again... So, of course, I did, at work, after holding my pee again for another 5 hours, this time with another Dollar Tree test and a digital ClearBlue... yup, big, fat, ol' "Pregnant" shows up in, like, 30 seconds.

I have no idea what to think.  I'm still really scared this is left over from my trigger shot, but I got negative tests earlier in the week... I'm waiting to hear back from my RE as to what they thing.  Hopefully, I'll be in for my beta test today or Monday...

I'm in shock.  After 15 months of trying, I was starting to think it wasn't possible... I wish I had more to say or write about this, but it isn't even hit me yet...


  1. Yipee!!! I'm praying this means exactly what we all hope it means for you!

    My first DS test was somewhat faint too... and it was at least 14 dpo. I waited another week and it was VERY DARK.

    I think the shock and 'hesitancy to get too excited' is very normal. When I woke my hubby up at 5am the day I tested his response was "Let's not get too excited" :) But he was smiling in his half-asleep state.

  2. That is wonderful! So exciting! I'll be excited to see what your beta result will be. Congratulations!

  3. Oh Lindsay, if you got a negative earlier in the week then the trigger was gone! Sweetie, I think you are indeed preggers and a positive reading at 10dpo would indicate a nice little hcg number to go with it. Yayyyyyyyyy! Keep us posted!

  4. I do believe you have a real BFP!!! YAY!!

  5. Congratulations! I wish you lots of luck! (I continue to hope for my own BFP!)

  6. I think it's real! Especially since you had a negative earlier in the week. That would indicate that the trigger was out of your system. I hope you have a beta today and confirm this BFP!! I am SO happy for you and your husband.

  7. I'm so glad I came upon your blog...I really feel that I can relate to your posts. I am in the same boat, except I am only 10 days past IUI, tested negative at 9dpiui and going crazy. I wish I was you! keep posting!!!