Monday, March 8, 2010

One week down... almost

Today I am 7DPO, so I'm almost halfway through my 2WW. I'm at the point right now where I am pretty much convincing myself that there is no way this worked. That would be just too easy. Yeah, I said it, after 15 months of TTC, the last several of them being with IF treatments, I feel like getting pregnant with our first IUI would be just too easy! How sad is that?? This journey has been anything but easy, so I cannot believe I feel this way.

My hubby, on the other hand, is just so cute. Every time I say something, like I am tried, or my head hurts, or whatever, he automatically says, "I think you're pregnant". Bless his heart, because I know deep down its because he wants it to work as much as I do, so I don't have the heart to tell him it's waaay to early to know that yet.

I've been taking tests (from Dollar Tree) pretty much daily for the past several days to try and "track" my trigger shot. I was surprised that I haven't seen any +HPTs, with the exception of one I took the day after my IUI (i.e. 4 days past trigger); even on this test, the line was super faint. I was worried that since I kept waking up frequently during the night, it was effecting my "FMU", so today, I used my OPK method, which basically means I pee when I first wake up, then hold it as long as possible, then test, usually around 11AM. This is truly an effective way for me. Anyway, still negative, so I am confident that the trigger shot is out of my system.

My temps steadily went up over the weekend, and dropped today. Check it out:

I'm hoping this is good, although, they cynic in me has to question it. I've never had a post-ovulation chart look like this. I will be over the moon if I wake up tomorrow to another spike... possibly triphasic?? Let’s hope.

In other weekend related news, I got to have my first real experience with laying off the drink in social situations. I cannot lie, I love to drink, especially red wine. What can I say, I'm Irish, and we like the booze. Usually in the 2WW, I am at least mindful of the drinking and try to slow down a bit and stick only to wine (no beer, no liquor), but this time around, since I feel like I have a much more increased chance of actually being pregnant, I've decided to not drink during these two weeks... I did slip a little Friday night and had a small glass of red wine, but on Saturday, we went to a housewarming party followed by my friend's 30th Birthday party at a club in D.C., and at both places, I did not have a sip of alcohol. I think going one week with only one small glass of wine is a triumph for me. Luckily, the club served me cokes in lowball glasses, so I didn't call anyone into question (everyone still thought I was drinking), but I can definitely tell you, being the sober one in these situations is no fun! But at least it gave me some good practice for the hopeful 9 months ahead!

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  1. I am hoping for you! Your chart looks good!

    Get use to not drinking!After that 9 months if you BF then you won't drink then either! I haven't had a drink since Nov 2008! But it is worth it!

    PS- I NEVER thought I was pregnant! The cycle I found out-I absolutely felt I wasn't!