Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too early to make the leap

Today I am only 5w2d, and all I can think about is how much I was to wear maternity clothes (and how much I want to eat sauerkraut, but more on that later). I know it is way too early to be at this point, but while I have not gained any weight, my pants literally hurt to wear. I am that bloated, I suppose. I decided to take the happy medium and just go with the belly band. I bought one from Motherhood... then saw Target had the BellaBand, so I bought one of those too. Can't tell which I like more; I just know the BellaBand is a little smaller... I just haven't decided if that’s a good thing yet.

I also, admittedly, bought a pair of maternity jeans from Target. They are under-belly, so they look pretty normal; they just have an elastic waistband which makes them heaven to me. I haven't worn them yet, but I like knowing they are there. Right now, I am just trying to stick with the belly bands and lots of dresses. The weather last week was PERFECT for dresses, but this week is colder and rainy, so we'll see.

I scheduled lots of appointments today. First up will be my first ultrasound, with the RE still. Its scheduled for next Wednesday, March 31st. I cannot wait! I'll be 6w2d and really hope everything is well. After that, I have my first OB appointment. That will be Thursday, April 15, at 8w3d. They will also do an ultrasound. I. Cannot. Wait! Now I just have to make the time pass faster!

I will be meeting with a new OB... not because I didn't like my old OB, but because we moved in October, and currently the hospital my old OB is affiliated with is 30-40 minutes away, while Fairfax hospital is literally 5 minutes down the road. So I decided it was in my best interest to make the change. I hope it goes well!

Lastly, my symptom update. The main contender right now is the exhaustion... If possible, it’s worse than a week ago. I can fall asleep mid-sentence, not to mention its the first thing I want to do when I come home from work. Last night, I fell asleep at 8:45, and missed LOST, ugh, so mad at myself (Thank God for DVR)!

Second up is the frequent urination... I wake up 4 or 5 times a time to pee, not to mention pee every hour on the hour at work. I get some waves nausea, but nothing too terrible, and only one bought with actual vomiting (but I think it was because I ate too fast). I'm having a few food aversions and cravings... the aversions are mostly due to smells (like the Moby Dick's my office neighbor brought in for lunch.. ugh). My current craving du joir is sauerkraut. So much so I am stopping at the store on my way home to get some for dinner. Yummo.


  1. I am so excited for you! (mainly-I'm excited for US because I'm 7w today so we're so close with our pregnancies!) Yesterday I had my first us with my RE. It is so cool, you will be amazed to see the heart flutter! Also exhaustion, yup, get ready to snuggle in bed at 8pm. Pee-yup I'm up about 3 times a night but actually that's one thing that's slowly gotten better. Lastly the nausea-wow-mine really hit me about 5 days ago, just a little after 6 weeks. It's the worst thing I've ever felt. There are so many tricks to the trade but nothing seems to help. Hopefully you won't get it too bad. I can't wait for you next wednesday and hear about your ultrasound! Congrats!

  2. Fun stuff! I was born at Fairfax Hospital... way back when :)

    We chose to deliver at the hospital 30 minutes away because I just LOVE that Dr. Kinda weird/sad that we live in Blacksburg.. but baby will be born in Radford :) Really wish my hubby would agree to home delivery! The other bonus is that my hubby works at the Blacksburg Hospital - so if I delivered there I don't think the visitors would stop - AND I wouldn't know most of them! No thanks :)

    As for early symptoms. If you think MS is going to be an issue I'd recommend small meals often. Eatin too much in one setting definitely made me miserable. And I had to eat about every hour on the hour to keep my tummy calm. So it was really small snacks for me all day/night long. I'm crossing my fingers you aren't as sick as I was though!

    Exciting about your ultrasounds!! It is amazing the first time to see there REALLY is a baby in there. You can check out our latest pic from yesterday on my blog.

    The bellaband. A lifesafer. Helps stretch out the wear of 'normal' clothes and helps maternity clothes that are a little too big fit sooner.

  3. The bloat was bad for me too! All the symptoms will just fade and then there will be different ones!

    Can't wait to see the pics from your u/s!

  4. As a fellow MAJOR LOST fan... I say you really really really must be exhausted! It was my favorite episode EVER... in the history of the show. Then again I am a huge Richard Alpert fan.

    Glad to hear you're doing well all things considered and I can't wait to see ultrasound pics!!

    Did I mention I am ever so thankful I am NOT pregnant right now? We might be moving for my husband to get a new job. Nothing like being pregnant and jobless! So I guess I should see that everything happens for a reason.

    Keep us posted!