Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Toy and Diet Plans

Are you kidding me?  I'm only 2DPO.  Ughhh this blows.  I have never been so impatient in my LIFE.  This 2WW is killing me.  I wish I was, like, 7DPO or something.  My doctor suggested waiting 16 days before testing, which means I would need to wait until March 17th... yeah, I don't see that happening.  We will be lucky to make it to next weekend.  I've heard the trigger shot can stay in your system for up to 12 days; is that true?? (BTW, I can't lie, I totally went home the other day and wasted a HPT just to see the second line... it was so pathetic).

I'm usually really good about the 2WW.  Last time, I started teaching myself sewing and photography, this time, I've decided its exercising.  I'm just not too sure yet what is good and what is not, especially if I do turn out to be preggo, but I'll be researching it.

I am generally a nut about exercise, especially in the last couple years.  When I was in college, I would spend 2 hours a day in the gym; I loved it!  Then, in my last year (2004) while I was wrapping up my second major, I got a job at a local restaurant.  Worst. Decision. Ever.  I gained so much wait, it was so bad, and I feel like I have struggled ever since.

In 2008, I decided to do Weight Watchers, and ended up losing 50 lbs in about a year.  I wasn't quite at my college weight (I never realized how skinny I was then until I... well, wasn't anymore) when I was really active (and apparently had a metabolism to die for), but I was really happy with the results.  I would go for 4-5 mile walks/runs almost every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, and was really careful about what I ate.  Then we hit September 2009... and I start with the Clomid, and we move to a new neighborhood with less walking areas/sidewalks...then months go by and new IF meds come into play... we get hit with not 1, but 3 "blizzards" with 3ft+ of snow that take a month to melt... and I find myself no longer active, eating anything and everything in sight, and gaining 20 lbs.  Bad Lindsay!

I'm still significantly lower than my highest weight, but it still sucks.  I'm really disappointed in myself to have worked so hard and let it slip so fast.  I worked so hard for a year and now I just feel like a slob.  What is worse is I feel like my goal for losing this weight in the first place was to be healthier while pregnant, but I feel less than healthy right now.

So, as a result, my wonderfully sweet hubby bought me a new present, and it arrived yesterday:

This is my new baby, the Sole E35 elliptical; its here to save me from this horrible cold and snow that has kept me from maintaining my workouts (i.e. walks outside, my FAVORITE).  My hubby and I stayed up until 11:30 last night assembling it (it took 4 hours), and I plan to go home for my first workout after work.  I'm very excited.  I know I need to be careful about working out while pregnant, but I hope I can keep up with it some and not get too out of shape.  And maybe I can shape up a little bit during this 2WW.

So, I'm hoping I can maybe lose about 5 lbs before the 2WW is up.  I know that may not sound too great, but your first week weight loss on a diet is usually water weight anyway (which is why alot of people lose 4-5 lbs alone in the first week of any new plan) and its healthy to lose ~2lbs a week on a healthy diet.  If I do find out I am pregnant in 2 weeks, then I will forego plans to lose weight and just focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  1. good luck!! (and yes the trigger sumtimes won't be out of your system till after 12dpo).

  2. I was super anxious to test as well... even though I knew I had O'd late in my cycle (not the normal 14 day mark). My first test was PFN..... then I decided to wait until Thanksgiving to test... I know it would be over 14 DPO and wouldn't it be cool to find out on Thanksgiving.

    So maybe if you convince yourself how cool it would be to find out on St Patty's Day (and an easy date to remember) you'll be able to muster up the willpower!! Good Luck :)

  3. It is NOT pathetic to test to see those lines! Whenever I do finally get to trigger, I plan on "testing it out" every other day with cheap internet tests, until they are blank again and I know it's out of my system. I hope you can keep yourself busy in the TWW!

    That elliptical machine looks awesome, I am jealous! It would definitely like to lose a few lbs myself. IF + meds + winter = laziness, bloat and weight gain! Hopefully now that we're getting some warmer days, I can get outside on my bike.