Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miss Layla and a Bump

Happy Hump Day!  I really stoked to skip out of work a little early today to go see Eclipse.  I feel like 90% of my friends already saw it last night at the midnight showing, but there is no way I could stay up until 2AM.  I go to be SO early these days. 

Tomorrow is another big day.  We have some follow up testing on Layla's chemo treatments to see how it went.  For those who do not know, several months ago, our dog Layla had to undergo emergency surgery to remove her spleen.  She had a large cancerous tumor on her spleen that had ruptured, and she was essentially bleeding internally.  Since the tumor had ruptured, she was at an increased risk of the cancer spreading quickly through the bloodstream, so Eric and I took a day to weigh our options and decided to proceed with the chemo.  The overall treatment was 10 weeks long, with treatments every other week (for a total of 5) and bloodwork/monitoring on the off-weeks.  Its been rough watching her go through it... about 2-3 days after treatment, she gets really down in the dumps, doesn't feel well, barely eats, and it last a couple days.  And as soon as she seems back to herself, its time for another treatment.  She also has been losing her hair, mostly on her face and back legs.  I feel so bad for her.  We really didn't want to ruin her quality of life, but the odds at the time of her surviving without the treatments was just a couple weeks to maybe a couple months.  If the treatment has worked, and she is in remission, she will hopefully be with us for another year or two. 

Alot of people think we are crazy for even proceeding with the treatments, and maybe we are, but we really couldn't sit back and do nothing.  I think, deep down, Eric just needed to know she would be around once the babies were born.  I think its because he feels like he will deal with  her death better if he has his children with him.  It was a huge cost to us, but we made the decision that it would be the last intervention we made.  If the cancer came back, or spread, we wouldn't do anything else but try to make her time with us happy and loving.

So everyone please keep your fingers crossed for our girl tomorrow.  She'll be getting an ultrasound and some other tests to check for residual cancer, and to see if it has spread.  We really hope she is in remission and will be with us for a while longer.  She really is our first child!

And on the baby front, this weeks bump shot for you.  Eric said I need to stop using my iPhone to take cheap mirror shots and just let him take them for me, so maybe they will improve going forward (but at least with the iPhone shots, I can cover my face... I feel like I am retaining tons of water there, my face feels swollen to me!).


  1. Miss Layla will be in my prayers. They really are our children and I probably would have done the same thing you guys did with regard to treatment. Let me know how it goes!

  2. I hope your doggy is doing just fine! You're looking great! I still can't believe you have two in there!

  3. I hope Miss Layla is in remission. Like I told you before, I too wanted Reese to be around when I had the girls. It wasn't any easier when his time came. I still cry for him...

    You look great! Way better than I did at 20 weeks!