Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Funny Hubby

I have absolutely loved seeing Eric react to my being pregnant (for the most part).  He is so adorable, talking to my belly, especially because I can tell he thinks he looks silly doing it.  He is so happy about having two boys, but I know he would have been great with girls as well (we already have a 2 year old niece and she adores him).

He has been so good trying to meet all my needs (even though I don't feel all that needy quite yet).  He is always willing to help satisfy any food cravings and help with any chores I might have.  He hardly lets me do or carry anything that might have the slightest possibility of putting strain on me or the babies (even if I know it won't).  He goes on walks with me (and he hates to go on walks, he's a runner).  He even offered to rub my back this weekend, and although it felt wonderful, I am going to forgo this favor for a little while in the future, because I woke up the next day bruised all over... still not really sure how that happened.

He even puts up with my pregnancy brain issues... the biggest one being forgetting to flush the toilet.  I have no idea where my head is while I'm in the bathroom, but this has happened WAY more than once.

My only wish is that I hadn't told him about not sleeping on my back.  I am a back sleeper, its just how I am the most comfortable. And since I knew that, I started trying to sleep on my side early on, around 12 weeks.  After almost 5 weeks, I am still having a hard time staying on my side.  I am pretty sure the second I fall asleep, I just roll back over, but I'm hoping I at least last a little while on my side.  I'm back to waking up every 2-3 hours to pee, so I know that, worst case, that's the longest I am on my back.  Once I come back from the bathroom, I try to fall asleep back on my side again, and the cycle starts all over.

Well, now Eric knows I should not be on my back, and he has made it a point to wake me up and make me roll over.... in the middle of the night... when I am completely asleep... It happens two or three times a night.  It even happens in the morning when I have hit the snooze button and I am trying to just get 10 more minutes of sleep.  I know he means well, but I swear I want to punch him every time he does it; in a loving way, I swear!

But sleep interruptions aside, he has been great!  I am so lucky to have such a great hubby!


  1. Don't worry if you are on your back too much. It doesn't hurt the babies- only you!

    When I had my anatomy scan with the perinatologist the u/s was taking so long and I was on my back and it made me light headed and nauseous.

    So it doesn't cut off blood flow to them only you! And you will wake up when you start to not feel well!

  2. I'm a back sleeper too. My doc told me not to worry about it at all. He said I would 'feel' funny before anything effected the baby.

    Also - Do you have a maternity pillow? I've got one of those C shaped ones and I like to lay backwards on I'm on my back but at a 30 degree angle if that makes sense. Anyways I find it really comfortable and am able to sleep - as the bigger I get being 'totally' flat on my back isn't all that comfortable. But I can't sleep on my sides either - my shoulder and hip start to ache :)