Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trucking Along

I had this month's OB appointment this morning.  I got to meet a new doctor today (the policy at this office is to have one appointment with each doctor as any of them could be the one who delivers you... so far, I've liked them all).  Everything seems great.  I'm at 18 weeks now (well, 17w2d to be exact) and I've gained about 5 lbs so far, which the doctor says is pretty good (low even for twins, even if I feel like a fatty).  Funny enough, when I tell my hubby how much weight I have gained, he looks at me like I'm a crazy liar and exclaims how he doesn't know how that is possible.  Umm, thanks hunny!  Of course, he then back peddles that I don't look fat, just that I have a very obvious pregnant belly that one would assume weighs more than 5 lbs.  I'm trying to not take it personally. :-)

Both the heartbeats are still going strong, in the 160s.  I am always worried that they are just hearing the same heartbeat twice, but he swore that it was two different heartbeats and both babies were fine.  We talked about some of the things I learned at the last ultrasound, namely my low-lying/anterior placenta, and the effects that may or may not have on feeling movement and birth.  We also talked about what issues might play a role in whether or not a c-section is needed.  He said about half of twin births are c-sections, and usually depends on how the lower lying baby (Baby A) is presenting.  As long as he is not breech (which he is right now, but its still early), then a vaginal delivery is possible.  But he did also say that most moms of twins opt for the c-section because most likely distress in labor effects the second baby, and they prefer to avoid that if possible.  I'm still not sure where I weigh in on the subject... honestly, I just want my babies.  Where's the stork when you need him?

At the last u/s, both babies were measuring about a week ahead of time, but the doctor did not change my due date.  He said that they may have had a growth spurt, or they could just be tall kids.  Either way, he said I won't make it to my due date anyway, so there was no need to worry about the actual date.

That's about it for today's appointment.  I'm kinda happy that I have to go to both the OB and to get an ultrasound every 4 weeks because it really helps my sanity to both hear and see them so often.  Oh, and here's this week's belly shot! 


  1. You are just too freakin' cute! You're very lucky you get to see and hear them often!

  2. You are looking so cute!

    I had a vaginal delivery with the girls. You can do it! Baby B (aka Lara) did not go into any distress after Kristin was born. It was a little uncomfortable to turn Lara (she was transverse).

    I got an u/s at every appt. It was cool to see them grow and eventually there really is NO room in there!

  3. Oh and I went to 37 wks and 5 days. But I was BEGGING for an induction! I was "full term" but all along my dr told me he wouldn't induce until 39 wks.

    My friend who has twins went to 39 wks and 1 day when they did a C/S and they told her she had absolutely NO signs of labor!

    Everyone is different- just because it is twins does NOT mean you will have them early!