Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Halfway There

Hey everyone!  This week is very exciting for me, lots going on... over the weekend, my dad brought up the furniture that we (well, I, since Eric hadn't actually seen it yet) purchased.  I had fun watching Eric and my dad put the cribs together while I sat on the sidelines giving advice, which I'm sure they appreciated.  The room we planned to use for the nursery is our old office, which is pretty small... 9 x 10.  It would be perfect for one baby, as there is plenty of room for a crib, dresser, and chair.  But with two cribs in the room, I have little to no room for a chair.  I keep trying to hint to Eric that maybe we should switch the nursery with the guest room, but he is not big on the idea, especially since we are hoping to move a few months after the babies are born. 

ANYWAY, other big items this week include Eclipse tomorrow (yup, I'm a Twilight dork), an engagement celebration on Thursday, long 4 day weekend, annnnnnd my 20 weeks ultrasound, which was yesterday, actually.  I really love getting ultrasounds, so I'm lucky that I get to have them every 4 weeks.  Its a silver lining that goes along with twins.

The ultrasound went really well.  It didn't take quite as long as my last one, at 16 weeks, where they measured every single bone in the body.  We did confirm that the twins are still boys (it was a little iffy, IMO, for Baby A at the last ultrasound, so I wanted to be sure before we started registering).  They are still measuring a little big, but only by a few days.  I realized after we left that they had me in the system as being 19w6d, when really, I was 19w1d.  I'm not sure if that's because the last ultrasound they measure ahead, or what, but I know my OB is still going with the due date of 11/21, whereas I guess the ultrasound place is going with 11/16.  In their defense though, both babies were measuring around 19w6d-20w0d anyway so I guess it isn't technically wrong.

Anyway, I digress, here are some updates and pics of each baby.

Baby A:

Such a cutie!  The little guy had the hiccups, which I thought was so much fun to watch as he bounced up and down.  His heart rate was about 145, which is the lowest its been ever (has been in the 160s).  He is head down right now, and was kicking his brother's head.

Baby B:

Another cutie, of course!  He was getting back at his brother for kicking him in the head by kicking him in the stomach.  And when he got tired of kicking his brother in the stomach, he took a turn kicking my bladder (hello, thanks for that, now I know why I am peeing every 30 minutes to an hour!).  He is already taking up shop right under my ribs and his heartrate is about 150.

I got a little nervous at the end when the radiologist came in the look at the boys.  I guess she wanted a better shot of the nose and lips on each baby, but he was having a hard time... so she would just stare at them in silence for a very long time.  Which of course made me thinks that either, A, she is very stupid or, B, something is wrong.  She assured me once they were done that everything looked OK, so I'm going with option A right now.

And in other news, I'm FINALLY starting to feel movement.  Its so weird, like stomach rolls when a car goes over a hill too fast.  I love it, but its still taking me off guard.  I think I'm starting to be able to tell the difference between movement and the ever pleasant pregnancy gas... another joyful part of the package.  I hope it keeps up, but I understand that right now, they are just as happy beating each other up than me, so it may not happen as often as I would like.


  1. YAY Glad everything is ok!

    I didn't feel them move until around 20 weeks too! Isn't it amazing?

  2. I love the ultrasound pics! How cute! By the way, you have totally inspired me to start my own blog for friends and family to follow me on the TTC journey. Hopefully soon I can do baby updates too!

  3. Cute! Again, I cannot believe how much time has passed! Must feel good to pass that mark!

  4. They look beautiful!! Two handsome boys! I know what you're saying about the gas...I think I just finally figured out the difference between a fart, and a food to my gut. lol!