Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Know the Sex, Start the Nursery, Part II

Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I get the big things like the stroller, car seats, and nursery furniture out of the way, I just move on to new items to stress over.  This week's stress du jour is the nursery decor, specifically baby bedding.  Somewhere along the lines, I got this perfect vision of a nursery in my mind.  It was simple, no over the top themes, just basic colors and patterns.  And it was blue, and green, and brown, and white, and ADORABLE.  I even found lots of color examples at Lowe's for when we are finally able to paint said nursery.

But now that I have this awesome nursery in my mind, I can't find anything to put it together.  None of the bedding I look at fits what I want, and anything that is close or workable costs $400+ a set, which is just out of the question (because I can't imagine someone, especially me, spending $800 on baby bedding)... I also tried to find a place that will sell individual pieces where I could "build my own" baby bedding set, but the selection is slim and not really what I am looking for.

So I'm kinda at a loss... anyone have any ideas out there??  Here are a couple pictures of nurseries I found online (mostly through Google images) that I like:

This is pretty much as close to perfect as I could find.  I love the colors and the simplicity of it, the brown bumper, the green skirt, the blue blanket... and the RUG, love it!  I would probably do a solid shag rug since this one is probably expensive, but I do love it!

Another example of the colors that I love.  I was able to find these wall decals, so that may be on our list of purchases in the future.  We are probably going with a solid brown chair, but isn't this one fun??

So anyway, there's an idea of what I am looking for, and now I am calling out to anyone who might have a clue where to look... I've tried all the basic places like BRU, Target, Buy Buy Baby, etc, but I'm still not having any luck!!  Suggestions welcomed and encouraged!!


  1. Honestly, some of the cutest and best priced crib sets I found were on E-bay. TONS to choose from. I would take a look there and see if you find anything of interest. I bought my niece a 15pc set with comforter, wall decor, diaper holder, sheets, toss pillows etc. for $60 which was a STEAL compared to store prices. I like your ideas though, that's why we painted our kids room green, gender neutral and fun!

  2. Does anyone in your family sew? You could skip the bumper pads, go with neutral sheets, and have someone sew the crib skirt with fabric you love. (Try the quilt patch in DT Fairfax or G Street (more of a drive) for fabric) I don't think crib skirts are hard to make. If you went with buy your own fabric it would be really easy to incorporate it into other ares of the room too like curtains or valances. Plus I'm sure it would end up being MUCH cheaper. You could use paint, wall decals, rug, wooden name blocks and other things to bring more of the accent colors into the room.

  3. have you thought about mixing and matching a different sets?

    something like these: Carini Bambini - Jaden 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set $80 @ Walmart x 2 = $160 and Tiddliwinks Blue Dot 3 pc Bed Set $70 @ Target x 2 = $140. And then you'll get two sets that you mix & match for $400!!

  4. So... I too wanted something neutral and not alot of fuss or money.

    I forwent any "bedding sets" because you can't use the 'comforter' anyway. So I bought individual sheets and dust ruffles in a sage green. The bumpers are an off white made by Carter's. I already used the curtains in the room and my mother-in law painted an animal theme mural on the wall. So that was the "main" attraction.

    If you want to try and piece it together- pick a neutral colors and build off of that!


  5. @QuakenBaby - I will check it out! Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Jilian - LOL, I wish I could sew. I actually asked for a sewing machine for Christmas for this exact reason, but we don't get along yet. I've done something wrong with the treading and can't get it to work... but I would like to keep trying in hopes of doing this on my own. Fingers crossed! There is a G Street Fabrics about 10 miles from my house, so maybe I'll stop by there and they can tell me what I've done wrong.

    @Maddie - That's a good option, especially with the less expensive sets like you showed. Thanks!

    @Courtney - So funny, I totally saw the Carter's bumper you are talking about and said it would look so nice with the color of the crib. Its definitely one of my options. Where did you find the dust ruffle?

  6. I really have nothing to contribute but wanted to say that I love the colors you've chosen :)

    How is Layla doing?

  7. Costco.com has some really cute bedding. It is still in the $300 range, but it comes with a lot of stuff (wall hangings, mobiles, window coverings, etc.). They all vary a little in what comes with them. You might even be able to sell duplicate items or extra things you didn't need on ebay or craigslist and that could bring the $ down a little.

  8. go on etsy.com - try searching "baby bedding" (lots of cute wall decor) or "baby sheets". a lot of people will let you pick the fabric and make what you want - sheets, bumper, etc. etsy is just like ebay - except it's all homemade. some is totally homely, but lots of it is great. i've had amazing luck with everything i have ordered from the merchants and it's custom!

    i noticed you talked in an earlier post about the walls. one thing my sis did was bought big white blank canvases, painted them, and then added wall decals (etsy has tons listed or try blik (whatisblik.com).

  9. have you tried walmart.com? I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for, but I am in love with this one HERE, and they have lots of others with the colors you want. Not sure if that's what you want, just a suggestion. Good Luck :)