Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Layla Update

I know I probably should have posted this on Thursday when we got the results, but its been crazy busy this weekend...  Hubby and I took an extended four day weekend to visit family for the holidays, which includes lots of travel and not very much time online.

With that said, I am happy (ecstatic really) to report that Layla is in remission!  For a quick, quick summary, we have spent the last several months with our beloved dog in chemo after a large aggressive tumor ruptured on her spleen.  She has been in rough shape.  I hate to say I feel like the chemo has aged her years.  She has lost hair on her face, back legs, and one small place on her side.  Her skin has also gotten darker.  Her energy level is nowhere near where it was.  She spent days after each treatment feeling miserable, and my heard just broke for her.  But it was all worth it to hear she is cancer free and clear.  There are no signs of any cancer present at this time.

Now, does that mean this is over?  No.  It sucks to say that the cancer most likely will come back at some point... it could be a year from now, it could be five years from now.  Only time will tell.  But we at least bought her some more time with us.  She will most likely be here when the boys are born and hopefully for some time after that.  If and when the cancer does come back, we will not intervene.  We would keep fighting for years and years if we could, but the reality is that we just do not have the money.  We honestly didn't have the money for the chemo treatments, but we made it work.  So if it comes back, we will just make her quality of life the best we can.

I feel the need to turn this post back around to a more positive note, so to reiterate... Layla is cancer free and we are beyond relieved, happy, thankful, etc, etc, etc!  Thanks everyone for keeping us and Miss Layla in your thoughts!!


  1. Oh that is terrific! I'm so relieved for you guys! That dog is so precious (well I might slightly partial to her as she looks so similar to my dog) yay!