Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 22 Check-Up

Yup, today was my monthly OB appointment.  I admittedly don't love these as much as my monthly ultrasounds, but I do still love listening to the boys' heartbeats.  They are doing great.  Baby A had a heartbeat of around 150 (doc said he would be a hyper/active one) and Baby B was around 120 (much more laid back).  I was worried Baby B's was too low, but the doctor was not concerned at all.  He also put to rest all my worries about if I was gaining enough weight, if my low-lying placenta will play a big role, and why the crap I am having such a hard time breathing (which is apparently because they are big boys taking up all the space in my diaphram).

I had never seen this doctor before.  While I like the idea of seeing the same doctor each time, my practice prefers you to see everyone at least once, because they cannot guarantee who will be there to deliver you, and they want you to feel comfortable with everyone.  I have met 4 so far, and have 2 left.  After I meet the next two, I apparently need to decide who I want my official doctor for the duration of the pregnancy.  Its going to be a tough choice, because I really do like them all.  But we will see!  I think my next appointment in August is my last "monthly" once, and I'll start going every two weeks.  Its so crazy to think how fast this is going.  They will be here before I know it....

And I know I am a little late, but here  is my bump shot from this past Tuesday (21w2d)... Eric's been working on organizing the mail, can you tell?  (yup, that's sarcasm).

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  1. CUte bump!

    I was lucky my OB made sure I saw him and he gave me his personal cell and pager number to call him if I went in labor and the hospital was keeping me. In the end, he decided to induce me over a 4 day period that he was on call. I am glad I didn't have to see anyone but him. But I think he did it as a favor as he was the doctor that was with us for the 2 m/cs.