Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby in a Bucket

I am always so shocked at the things people come up with that are so totally useless or already basically made in a less attractive package, yet they can charge out the butt for it and people will buy it... I feel this way about 90% of the As Seen on TV market. And today, a new product was brought to my attention, to which I can't help but think "WTH?"

Enter the Tummy Tub (, or what I like to call, the Baby in a Bucket...

Seriously, they charge $100 for this "simulated womb" when I can buy basically the same bucket from our supplier at work for $10.  It doesn't do anything special, its just a bucket of water on a bright plastic pedestal.

And I am less than comfortable with the idea of holding my baby by his head while trying to bathe him.  It just doesn't look right (really, check out the video)... yet this is actually a really popular product in Europe.

And I'm sorry, but this also reminds me of a certain warning label seen on most plastic buckets...

I'm just saying.... am I missing something here???


  1. I got this at my shower and can't wait to use it. Agree 'It's a bucket' - but I do feel the shape is different than most buckets you'd buy at a hardware store. It tapers more towards the bottom. My friends who've had it LOVE IT. I'll let you know what I think when the baby arrives! (I did not buy the stand.)

  2. Zach's Mom in Sunny, CAJuly 31, 2010 at 7:00 PM

    We have one and love it!! Got it for $39.99 on Amazon, not sure where you get $100?!? But, it's the only tub available that actually keeps your baby covered in warm water. The rest are so stressful and my baby hated bathtime because he was freezing! So thankful for the Tummy Tub. By the way, they are pretty popular here too. Saw it on the Today Show last year and lots of friends have them :-)

  3. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have a "To each their own" mentality! If you have it and love it, then that is awesome. To me, it just looks silly, but that doesn't mean it is a bad product. Just something funny looking. To answer your question, I got the price directly from the link I provided (click up top on "Shop"). The bucket cost $42 and the stand was $55 (

  4. I've got one just like it. It's called Litter of Stray Cats in a Bucket. It comes with a lid to keep their heads down and no warning label. Works GREAT!