Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can't Help But Laugh

OK, I know I have already posted today, and I've already posted about Eric reading The Expectant Father, but today's conversation just makes me laugh, and I had to share.

Eric and I usually have Skype open while we are at work... not so much as a distraction from work, but to make it easier if we have to tell the other something... it keeps us from sending emails or making phone calls whenever something pops in our heads, which happens alot (especially for me).  Anyway, when I got to work after my appointment today, he sent me a message just asking how it went.  I told him everything, very basic conversation, and then out of the blue he asks "Are you eating enough protein?".  What?  Where did that come from... so I say "Yeah, I think so, I mean the doctor didn't say I was doing anything wrong or not getting enough of something".  Well, then I got these messages:

     Eric: here is what the book says :)

     Eric: avg. woman needs 45 grams a day 

     Eric: you need 75 to 100 for one baby

     Eric: +20-25 with twins

     Eric: so you need around 100 to 120 a day

     Eric: are you getting that much?

I have no idea!  I don't count everything (though maybe I should).  Still, I just laughed.  It was so funny to me.  He loves getting this information, and I think it is so funny when he asks me something about it.  So now I am getting updates on foods with protein and being told to make "meat and potatoes" for dinner more often. 
I can't wait for him to get to the actual parts about the birth... that should be nice and entertaining... :)


  1. That is hilarious! I can see my husband being the same way. It's great that cares so much though.

  2. Bobby worried about me working out while pregnant with the girls! I had to have Dr M assure him at every appt that sex and exercise were ok.


    Bobby didn't do much reading on the birth however as a fireman/emt he had delivered a baby already and had decided that he didn't want to see me like that. I wish I had made him watch, but he didn't look not even once! We also a agreed that a mirror was not for us! I didn't want to look either!

  3. That is awesome....I wouldn't be suprised if he comes home with a food scale after work today to start weighing out your protein. Gotta love him!