Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today was my last of the "every-other-week" appointments.  I graduated today to weekly appointments.  And, I also graduated to weekly ultrasounds starting the week of October 11th.  So I'm going to be very busy with appointments from here on out, until the boys are here (and, I guess, even after they are here, considering all the pediatrician visits in our future!).

Both boys were doing good.  Their heartbeats were in the 150s-160s, and they were kicking at the dopplar, which was fun.  My doctor put my mind at ease about the whole mucus plug incident, saying most likely it was only part of it, and even if it was all of it, it doesn't mean I need to worry.  She laughed and asked if I reached in the toilet to get it, to which I had to blush... even though I didn't do that, I definitely thought about it for about 5 minutes.  Apparently, I am not the only one, which makes me feel like less of a crazy person.

The only item of concern today was my slightly elevated blood pressure.  It wasn't terrible, but it was definitely higher than it has been.  I asked if it could be due to our Layla woes (which was hard enough to get out without crying), and she said that most likely it is.  I also expressed concern that the boys weren't moving as much the past day or two, and that I was worried my stress was effecting them. She said it is probably more likely that I am just not noticing it as much, or that my being more active is keeping them asleep.  She said try not to worry, as if I am already upset and stressed, I don't need to make it any worse.

And for those who are curious, we were able to pick up Layla and bring her home yesterday afternoon.  Our vet was great, and really spent the time with us to talk about what happens next.  He does not expect her to make it past a month, and most likely, a new rupture could happen within the week.  We were giving a medicine to help with blood clotting, and it comes with a red "emergency" pill.  They said it may be able to help for a small leak, like she had Tuesday night, but would still be delaying the inevitable.  She was in good spirits when we picked her up, but some of it was probably adrenaline.  She went to sleep quickly after we got home, and was not quite herself this morning.  I know she is feeling bad, which just breaks my heart.  Eric and I are just trying to spend as much time with her as possible before its too late, and to spoil her to pieces.  We know how much she hates the vet (considering how many surgeries and other visits she has had over her 8 years of life), so we are looking into mobile vets that come to your house.  We want her to be in a place she loves when she has to go.

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  1. OK.. good about weekly appts. Even better to have weekly u/s! I liked that. I did get an u/s at every appt though.

    As for Layla, I am teriibly sorry. And yes, her and Reese need to be friends in heaven and talk about how great their "human" parents were to them! I feel bad for you cause I have been there and it isn't pleasant. I will say enjoy your time with her and give her all the love you can, letting go is the hardest thing. And sadly, it does get easier with time. Although, I miss Reese tremendously still. But I can say I don't cry everyday now... but I still will on occasions, I don't know if I will ever be "over it". Much love to you, Layla and Eric!