Monday, October 4, 2010

Son of a....

Ugh, I'm so pissed.  I made it almost 34 weeks without a single stretch mark, and must have gotten a bit cocky about that, because they have shown up.  All weekend, the underside of my stomach (to the left of my navel, and area I cannot see) was itching like crazy.  I finally got out some mirrors to check it out, and there they were, two little stretch marks.  Its nothing too terrible yet, but I'm sure this is just the start.  Apparently all the "lubing up" and excessive water drinking didn't help.  I thought I'd be lucky, considering my mom did not get stretch marks, but doesn't seem so.  Oh well!!

I've also hit hard into the "third trimester insomnia".  I've had to start taking a Benadryl at night to sleep, but even last night that didn't help.  I think I got a combined total of 30 minutes of sleep.  Its making today pretty rough!

Other than that, there really isn't much going on right now (just trying to stay off my feet... have to make it through this week to stay on track with my FMLA plans).  We had planned to take care of a lot of baby related items this weekend, but ended up just spending time with Layla.  She was doing really good this weekend, but got sick this morning.  The hardest part for us right now is the waiting.  We have no idea when the cancer is really going to hit her.  It could be tonight, it could be next month.  Its causing a lot of stress, both because the idea of her passing away breaks our heart, but also because the babies are expected in about a month.  It really is the worst timing we could ever have.  It wouldn't be easy regardless, but the timing definitely makes it even harder.  Our biggest fear is that I will go into labor right at the same time she has another collapse. 


  1. First of are carrying twins, and if all you have to show for it is two little stretch marks, well then, congratulations! I know how you feel though, it just makes you feel gross and defeated. But truly, don't worry about them. I'm totally feeling you on the third trimester insomnia...good idea with the Benadryl.

  2. I'm sorry you are getting pooped on! Just sucks!

    I discovered my stretchmarks about the same time. Now that my stomach is deflated... well it looks as if a tiger used it as a scratching post!

    Poor Layla... poor you guys. My friend had a similiar situation and had to put her dog down a few days before her twins... she has said after having the twins, it took her mind off of Dakota. But still sucked.

    As for the insomnia... do you really want me to tell you?

  3. I am sure your stretchmarks are beautiful, nothing to be pissed about !