Monday, September 20, 2010

32 Weeks (or 31w1d for those who want to be exact)

And the boys just keep on growing!

First off, we had a check up on Friday, which was quick and easy.  Both heartbeats sounded great, my blood pressure is awesome (so the mass swelling at least is not preeclampsia related), and we basically just hashed out the results of my glucose test and iron deficiency, which I was already aware of anyway.  They also started filling out the forms to schedule my delivery at 38 weeks, so if they do not come early on their own, the boys will be here either on November 8th or 9th (official date and time should be given to me at my next appointment).  I'm all registered at the hospital, so that is set, and this weekend, we have our tour.

This morning, we had our monthly ultrasound to check on the boys growth, and they are doing very well indeed.  Both of them are weighing in at around 4 lbs 4 oz (which is just a bit larger than the suggested 3.75-3.9 lbs that most babies average at this point, according to and that means I have about 9 lbs of baby in me right now!  No wonder I can barely breathe!

As you can imagine based on their weights, they are measuring a little ahead (as they have the whole time)... They have big ol' melons, measuring at around 33w, and their bodies are measuring at a little over 32w.  My doctors and the radiologists don't think I am going to make it to 38w, but we will see!  I haven't had any complications, so I am hoping to last a bit longer.  Then again, I don't know how much more baby my body can handle!!

Lastly, I want to thank my friend Courtney (at When I Least Expected It) for helping me out and passing along her double Snap N Go to me!  She has 1 year old twin girls (who are absolutely adorable BTW).  It exchanged several hands in its journey to Northern VA, but my hubby picked it up this weekend, and I am so excited to use it!  All the twin mommies I have talked to (mostly on the WTE blogs) say the Snap N Go is the way to go, and Courtney was no exception!  She raved about how helpful and wonderful this piece of equipment is.  I cannot wait to get home and test it out!  Thanks again Courtney!!

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  1. You are welcome! I hope you love it as much as I did!

    Don't forget, the u/s are an estimate at best. Lara was WAY smaller than what they thought. But reagrdless, 9lbs of baby is PLENTY when you are preg cause it is heavy! I had like 13 1/2lbs at the end! HUGE! And I felt like a hoss!

    Where'e the pic?