Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pity and Pampering

I'm starting to think I look like a house.  I didn't think it was that bad, but when I run into people at work or friends I haven't seen in a few weeks (or even random strangers for that matter), they just get this look on their face and exclaim, "Wow, when are you due?!!", like I couldn't possibly make it another second without my water breaking.  Bless Eric, he tries to make me feel better about it, telling me over and over again that I look great and its just because they haven't seen me in a while, but I can't help but think I have trick mirrors at home that have let me believe I look normal.

In other growing news, my feet are still out of control.  The swelling just started a couple weeks ago, but it has gotten out of hand.  When people see me, they first zero in on my stomach, then move down to the feet and go "Aww, you poor thing!".  Yes, my feel look like hams and my ankles may as well be broken, and they are so sore I want to cry, but lets not point it out to the few surrounding people who maybe haven't noticed yet. 

This week, my hands decided to join in on the fun too.  I already couldn't wear my rings, but now I feel like I have arthritis mixed with carpal tunnel... because they are either painful or tingly and asleep.  I don't know what wakes me up more at night now: the lack of blood flow to my hands or my bladder.

Really, I don't mean to whine, because when it comes down to it, I feel pretty good all things considered, but I definitely feel uncomfortable and exhausted.  I want to nest, but I have literally zero energy to do so.  At this rate, the nursery will never be ready!

Lucky for me, I've decided to have a pampering weekend this Saturday.  For my birthday (in March), Eric and my sister gave me a gift certificate to a spa in our area.  I tried to get a massage pretty much immediately, but found out I couldn't  because, at the time, I was only 5 weeks pregnant, and they do not give massages to anyone in the first trimester (which at the time was news to me).  So this weekend will be my prenatal massage, followed by a haircut, and possibly a pedicure.  I cannot wait.  I love me some pampering!! 


  1. I am sorry about the hands... I had HORRIBLE carpal tunnel while preg with the girls! I sometimes laid in bed at night and cried because my arms hurt so bad! I can say for sure the pain in my arms kept me awake more than the peeing!

    I also didn't think I looked that big... and now I look at the pictures and holy moly! I was HUGE!

    I didn't finish the nursery until 35 weeks. So you got some time! LOL I told you, no early babies for you!

    Enjoy your pampering! You deserve it now... but after the babies come you will deserve it but you just won't be able to find the time!

  2. Bless your heart! I can't totally say I know how you feel, cus I'm not having twins, but on the other hand let me just say...I know how you feel. I feel like in the last two weeks I've just exploded. It seems like my body is on the fast track and I never know what clothes are going to fit from one day to the next. Hang in there, I'm sure it will all be worth it!