Monday, September 27, 2010

Plugged Up? (potential TMI alert)

So I wanted to spend today's blog update filling everyone in on my hospital tour this weekend, or my anxiety over family members visiting during delivery, or any other number of things that's been going on as of late, but last night's events changed that, and those posts will just be saved for another time.

What happened, you might ask?  Well, I think I may have lost my mucus plug, or at least part of it.  I spent most of last night terrified that this was the beginning of the end, and the babies were coming way earlier than expected.  Right now, I can say I've calmed down a bit, but not much.

Basically at around 8PM last night, I went to use the restroom.  Everything went according to plan, I peed, wiped, stood up and went to flush when I noticed it.  While all the toilet paper was floating at the top of bowl, something white or translucent (i.e. no blood as far as I could tell) and about the size of a raspberry was floating down the pot towards where the water flushes out. 

My initial immediate reaction was to reach in and grab it to be sure, but I thought better of it (on account of the fact that the bowl was less than clean).  So instead, I just stood in the bathroom staring at it for about 5 minutes before giving up and flushing it.  Sadly, I have to admit, I just wish I had gone the gross route and picked it up so I would know for sure.

Of course, I immediately went to the WTE forums and posted a question on my home board.  I didn't know if I should call the doctor or just wait it out until my next appointment.  I have just become so overly worried about these boys coming early that I have panicked.  Luckily, I have calmed down today.  No bleeding or cramping, so based on what I have read, I believe it may have only been part of my MP, or possibly just some discharge, I'm not sure, but I will be bringing this up at my next appointment on Thursday.  That said, ANYONE with experience in this area, please fill me in.  Does it sound like MP to you?  Should I be worried??

On another note, the countdown for me has begun.  To be able to stay out of work until January 3rd, I have to stay in the office until October 11th (which means no birth or bedrest before that date).  That's 14 more days.  Keep your fingers crossed, I hope I can make it!


  1. Don't freak out! I started losing my MP with my daughter weeks before she was born (I don't really remember exactly which week), and with this one I've already lost a good chunk of it at 28 weeks. I brought it up to my doctor and he checked and says everything looks fine. I'm 32 weeks today. You can start losing your MP days or weeks before labor, or not at all. Everyone is different, and it isn't a sign that labor is imminent. I'd say that since you're feeling pretty good, and no contractions or bleeding, that you'll be fine! But definitely inform your doctor, so he knows where you're at :).

  2. I lost some of my MP a few weeks before birth (I think). When I told my dr he said no big deal and that the MP can grow back!

    I already told you, no early babies for you! The stroller comes with 37+wk vodoo!

    Just don't forget to tell your Dr on Thursday. I think you will be A ok!

  3. I lost my mucus plug and a couple of hours later my water broke. The rest is history. I'm not of much help, but would agree with the others that you need to tell your doctor and monitor your condition closely. Hopefully it was only part of the plug or discharge.

    I hate to use this description, but mine was very "snotty-like". I didn't know at first, but when I wiped I noticed all of this mucous-like material.