Friday, April 9, 2010

So sick of feeling sick

Let me start by saying I HATE complaining about being pregnant.  I really do.  I know its annoying out there to all the women who wish they were pregnant.  I used to curse pregnant women who complained, because whatever they were going through couldn't possibly be as bad as not going through it... at least in my mind.  So everyone out there who is still TTC and wants to smack me, I totally understand and do not blame you one bit.

But now, it seems, the shoe is on the other foot because I am so SICK of feeling so sick.  Seriously, I am miserable.  I can barely eat anything, yet I am starving, and the second food hits my mouth, I want to vomit and die.  Its unfair... I should either be sick feeling or starving, not both. 

Plus I'm so tired, that my head feels like it could explode and I am completely worthless.  Yesterday, I stayed home from work to watch Miss Layla (who finally came home from the doggie hospital, yay!), and really wanted to get some cleaning done, as I have been so lazy the last few weeks and done nothing... yeah, the most I got done was putting our shoes by the door away and starting the dishwasher... the rest of the day was spent on the sofa pretending to do some work.

I just feel so bad and not myself.  I'm usually very active - I love to take long walks, especially in nice weather, but I don't have the energy... I usually keep a VERY tidy house but I have no desire to keep it up... I'm grouchy, sleepy, my tummy hurts all the time (like AF is around the corner), and I can't stop peeing.  I know that feeling so miserable is a good thing, because it means everything is OK, but I get so jealous of other women who are pregnant and say they feel great.

OK, enough with the complaining... sorry for the vent but I'm just having a particularly rough feeling day and wanted to get it off my chest.  Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. I'm sorry it's taking such a toll on you. They, whoever they is, say the 2nd trimester is much better. You're getting closer! :) I can't imagine what having two in there does to intensify every symptom. I hope it gets better soon!

  2. I've heard it's a lot worse with twins. I had pretty bad all day sickness with my ONE baby until I was about 18 weeks. I promise you it WILL get better though and then you can finall enjoy all those wonderful cravings :)

  3. I had ALL the same feelings and nausea and all! I USE to do ALOT! Ha! Getting myself up and the twins to go to work is more than some people do in a day! So unfortunately I hate to tell you- your house won't ever be as tidy as it was, you won't have to energy to do anything you use to do... but it is all worth it!