Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Almost 2 months down

Sorry I haven't posted in about a week, but things have been really crazy here. There isn't a lot on the update front; my symptoms are staying strong at fatigue and nausea, but I've managed not to actually throw up... which in my eyes is one big fat plus.

Today I'm 7w2d, and I hate to say I think I look pregnant, or if not pregnant, then deffo fat. I can cover is up easily with flowy shirts and dresses, but I can see my pot belly forming. I know its super early, but I just keep telling myself its cause I'm carrying twins. I'm not sure if that is actually warranted, but it makes me feel better. It probably doesn't help that the only foods I can stomach are pasta and other carbs... I'm living off Ramen and those Knoll Pasta Sides, and grilled cheese sandwiches, and cereal, and pot-pies. I despise meat right now. I can't even look at it, and I especially can’t smell it... the only meat I have eaten in the past 2 weeks was a fried bologna sandwich my hubby made this past weekend.... who would have thought bologna would be the meat for me, right now anyway.... I can't wait for this picky food stage to end cause I miss eating real meals.

This past weekend, we finally told my hubby's family that we are expecting. My family was told two weeks ago (mostly because they were so aware of our IF treatments), but no one in his family knew. We were all together for a party and we took the time to share the news. Now, I have to say, I warned my husband that he needed to tell his mother beforehand (separately from the group), but he apparently didn't think I knew what I was talking about (and actually went so far as to insinuate I was crazy for even suggesting it), so instead, he shared it in a group setting... and of course, she got mad at us. She wanted to be told alone (aka, I was right), and took a few minutes to get over it before being able to actually congratulate us.

Everyone, of course, is very happy. The only people who know now are our families... so we are running damage control to keep the news from spreading. Basically, we have to monitor our Facebook accounts, because we keep getting "Congrats on the twins!" messages on our walls. We know they mean well, but we want to wait until the 2nd trimester to break the news. Funny enough, I went from being jealous of all the pregnant people I saw on Facebook, to being jealous they are sharing their own news, especially when I see someone who isn't very far along. I want to share it so bad, but I also want to be sure everything is good. I think most everyone who has been TTC for an extended period of time knows where I am coming from.

So wow, this actually has become a lot longer than I had anticipated. Our first OB appointment is next Thursday morning, and we'll be getting another ultrasound. Everyone keep your fingers crossed it goes well! We can't wait to see out babies again!


  1. A friend of mine who was pregnant with twins was definitely showing in her first trimester and had to begin wearing maternity tops. I definitely think with twins you show sooner so let the shopping begin!

  2. Sandra (startingourfam2009) WTEApril 7, 2010 at 11:30 PM

    So happy for you!! I had my 1st IUI today and am hoping I get lucky as well on the 1st try.

  3. Lindsay I am so excited to hear that your IUI worked on the first try. As I was reading some of your blog posts I realized we are at exactly the same point in our pregnancy. Good luck to you and your babies!!!