Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top Five... 2WW Remedies

 My top five ways to entertain myself durning the 2WW.  What are yours?

5. Weekend Trips - When it comes down to it, the weekends are the hardest part of the waiting.  My week days are mostly occupied by work, but once the down time sets in, the reality of the wait sets in and it drives me mad.  My DH and I have done stuff as simple as visiting friends, to weekend retreats at B&Bs.  Getting away is a great way to keep yourself busy!

4. Exercise - I love, love, LOVE long walks, especially on nice days.  I can honestly walk outside for hours.  Its a little less fun in this cold winder weather, but with a few layers on and some good tunes on the iPod, its a great way to clear your head and feel better.

3. Get Engulfed in a New Book - Pretty much speaks for itself.

2. Learn Something New - A few weeks ago, it was sewing, now its photography. Trying to learn something new is a great way to occupy your mind. Plus, bonus, I can hopefully put these new skills to work once we get our bundle of joy.

1. Spoil Myself - Nothing better than a mani/pedi or a good massage.


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