Thursday, January 28, 2010

CD15 Ultrasound Isn't What I Hoped

To update on my current status, today I had a CD15 follow up ultrasound to check my follicle size.  To recap, I had an u/s on CD12, at which time my largest follicle was only ~10-11mm.  To be considered mature and ready for ovulation, the follicles would need to be ~18-20mm.  So they told me to wait a couple days and come  back in to check on the progress.

So, as directed, I came back in this morning, and it doesn't seem like there was much improvement.  I didn't get the exact measurements yet (my doctor will call back this afternoon and let me know the formal results), but based on what they said, it didn't look like there was much growth... I'm guessing it is probably ~12-13mm right now.  Normally, your follicles will grow 2-3mm a day, so the news that I probably only grew 1-2mm over 3 days is disappointing to say the least.

Of course, this left me feeling pretty down.  I've already spend the past 13 months feeling broken, but today, its worse.  This cycle, I took 150mg of Clomid, which is supposed to be the max dose (I know some doctors will go higher), and based on what the doctor said this morning, it doesn't seem like its working.  He said typically he expects to see results between CD15 and 18. 

So now, I just wait.  My doctor will call this afternoon to go over the formal results of both my bloodwork and today's u/s and let me know what the next step is.  Likely, I will go back in a couple days to see if they are growing.  If they haven't, then they will likely consider this cycle unsuccessful, and I'll start over again next cycle... big disappointment!

UPDATE: Well its worse than I thought... it turns our my lead follicle is still only 11mm, which means there really was no improvement over the past three days.  I'll be going back in on Sunday (CD18), but it doesn't seem too likely that this cycle will work.

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