Thursday, August 5, 2010

I think we have made our decision...

FINALLY... I think we have picked out bedding (I know, this is a tired subject!).  I've looked at hundreds of sets and haven't fell in love with any of them.  Then I decided to check out Pottery Barn Kids, and found this bedding set:

Its simple, very basic... and Eric LOVES it.  I can actually see this in our nursery.  My only concern is that our furniture is very dark, and this bedding looks amazing in the all white nursery.  The set includes the bumper, crib sheet, and skirt, so we would probably hold off on the quilt for a while. 

There is another set I like as well, but the set includes the quilt, sheet, and bumper (no skirt). 

I'm going to try and stop by a Pottery Barn Kids tomorrow and check them out before saying 100% that this is the bedding for us.  I may even mix and match pieces from both sets.  We'll see.  So, what do you guys think?

On a side note, my employer has upgraded the firewall and, unfortunately, Blogger is now blocked at worked.  I typically blog on my lunch breaks, so now I am going to have to remember to blog once I get home.  I just wanted to let you all know in case you see my post rate diminishing.


  1. You could always choose your favorite word app to write your post on and then, copy and paste it onto your blog once you get home. I know it's not the same...but at least you'd get to maintain your lunch hour tradition. I love reading your blog. It gives me hope.

  2. Waaahoooo! I LOVE both of those sets. Great find! I love the idea of mixing and matching. One of your sons can have mostly blue, and the other, the green and blue one! It makes it much more special that your hubs likes it too. Fun stuff!