Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NT Results are IN (and a 12w2d Update)

So I got the results of my NT scan yesterday afternoon and I am VERY happy.  They are as follows:

For Downs Syndrome:
Baby A has a 1 in 8,600 chance
Baby B has a 1 in 7,900 chance

For Trisomy:
Both babies have a 1 in 10,000 chance

These results are GREAT and make me very happy!  I honestly didn't think I was worried about this, until I saw how relived I was with the results.  The nurse said these are results typically seen in someone 20 years or younger, so yay, thanks for taking 8+ years off me for a second! :)  My hubby was so funny when I told him.  He got this look of horror like I was telling him the worst news ever, while I was all excited.  I asked what was wrong and he said, "That doesn't seem like very good results."  I explained to them that they are really low risk and probably the best results we could have wished for, but apparently, he wanted to hear the risk was 1 in 10,000,000 or better.  It was cute.

Now, granted, its a little harder to know the exact numbers in twin pregnancies, since you cannot determine exactly how the blood is shared.  The test assumes 50/50 split and therefore just split my bloodwork results evenly between the two babies, but it could in reality be 60/40 or even 70/30.  You really can never know.  But, with such low results overall, the nurse did not think I had anything to worry about.

And just for fun, I decided to include a baby belly pic.  I have been avoiding these like the plague, as you all know, I have a huge issue with weight gain and feeling out of shape, but I'm trying to get over it and just be happy!  I still worry that I am a little too big for being 12w2d, but I'm going to go with it, and just keep saying "Hey, there are TWO babies in there, crazy woman, this is OK!"  This pic is from this morning.  Excuse the poor quality, but it was taken with my phone.  I'll get better and start using a real camera, I swear.

As far as how I am doing, I'm pretty good. The news from yesterday plus my ultrasound on Friday have put me in a natural high and I feel so much better. I am still exhausted, and have some food aversions (mostly meat other than beef... love the beef, hate the chicken, pork, etc), but overall I feel good most of the time... aside from the occasional nausea and headaches. Now I'm just waiting for these guys to get a little bigger so I can feel them moving around. I hope that happens earlier with twins, but who knows!


  1. You look like what I feel like at 7 weeks. :) I've also had one baby in the past, but I swear my stomach feels like how you look at 12 weeks! You look excellent, especially for having twins. You have nothing to worry about girl!

    Your test results sound wonderful. What a blessing. Sounds like you've had quite the pick-me-ups lately to help yourself feel happy.

    I have my ultrasound on Thursday to figure out if I have one or two babies inside. Knowing that I ovulated with 2 eggs this cycle, I'm a bit anxious to find out.

    Wish me luck. Since I have one child already, I'd be just fine with one... this time around. ;)

  2. You look SO cute! YAY!

    Good for the test results!

    I too disliked chicken- LOVED beef! Maybe for the iron?? LOL

    I didn't feel the girls until probably what was concerned "normal". I don't know if it is cause I didn't know what I was feeling for or what.