Friday, November 11, 2011

Mother of the Year Award Goes To...

Sometimes, I feel like such a terrible mom. Really, just downright BAD. Lane cries, and I just want to walk away. Lane knocks over a drink, and I want to scream. Or, the most common, Lane wakes up at 2AM, and I wish he had a snooze button (and sometimes, in my sleep-drunk state, I try to ignore him…).

But in reality, these are all perfectly normal feelings. I’m sure every mom has felt like a terrible mom for this exact same reason(s).

Lucky me, I have two REAL examples of being a terrible mom. And it unnerves me how close together these two occurrences happened…

First off, about a week or so ago, I was giving Lane a bath. Eric and I try to take turns doing this, so the other has a little time to get something else done. On this particular night, he was out running some errands. Lane LOVES the bath. Seriously, he can be cranky and tired and melting down, and you put him in there, he is a new baby. He also loves to stand in the tub. I hate it, it makes me uncomfortable, but he pulls up on everything now and he doesn’t understand why I tell him “no”. Well, that night, we had finished up, and I turned around to pull the water drain and grab a towel, when I hear a terrible squeaky noise followed by a loud thud and lots of screams. Yeah, Lane decided to reach for the soap on the floor and fell OUT OF THE TUB! The whole thing took literally 2 seconds…

Freak out moment number 1.

I had no idea what to do. When does a fall warrant a trip to the emergency room?? Did he break anything or have a concussion? Is he just scared? Seriously, this was a screaming cry I have never heard. So I scooped him up and ran into his room, checked him over, while we both cried. I curled up with him in the rocker to try and soothe him, which did eventually work. After about 5 minutes, he was done crying, but I was still scared. He had none of the symptoms I was told to keep an eye out for, but I spent that whole night checking on him almost hourly to make sure he was OK. All he ended up having was a little red spot on his forehead and nose. He literally landed on is face.

Then a few days later, while in the midst of a terrible teething spell, I had pulled out some teething tablets, gave him two, and set it on a high enough table that I thought they were safe (plus, they have a friggin’ child safety cap). Lane proceeds to play while I do some cleaning up, and after a few minutes, I’ve noticed he has gotten really quiet. I look down at him and he has popped open the bottle and is eating teething tablets like its candy.

Freak out moment number 2.

What the eff?? How did you even manage to do that? I, of course, freak and try to count how many are left so I have an idea how many he has eaten… all while Lane cries that I won’t let him continue to do something that makes him so happy (if you don’t know, these tablets dissolve instantly, and he must have found that very neat). I was able to determine he ate about 10. So I read the box. Doesn’t say a max amount to consume in a day, just says to call Poison Control in case of an accidental overdose.

So I do… and guess what? They LAUGHED at me. That’s right, LAUGHED at the mother who was freaking out. Apparently, you can’t overdose on homeopathic medicines. Then why do you have the number on the friggin’ bottle? Jerks.

So there you have it. My two prime examples of being a “bad mom”. Hope that helps you all feel a little better :)


  1. Don't beat yourself up! Everyone Mom goes through things like this! It's totally normal! We cannot possibly prevent every accident from happening to our babies. Just last week, I slipped and fell down the stairs (I'm 7 mos pregnant) and I had my ten month old daughter in my arms! Whoops, it was just a mistake and thank God we were both ok! And gee, I must admit, my triplets have fallen off of the bed, the couch, the swing just happens, in a blink of an eye! My hubby and I actually have bets on who we will probably have to take to the ER for stiches in the future between the three of them! Don't worry, you are a good Momma!!! :)

  2. You are a wonderful mom! These things happen to all of us. Hell, I smacked Griffin in the head with the refrigerator door the other day b/c he snuck up on me in the kitchen and wanted to climb in. My friend's son is so stealthily quiet that she has accidentally turned around and kicked him.

  3. Haha sorry please don't be mad at me but I had to laugh too (I don't agree the poison control centre laughed though) Typical babies! We all have moments like this! When Sydney was born, I got a handout called something like the baby's 10 rules and one of them was "I don't care if you make mistakes, as long as you make them with love". My best mama moment was when we were out and she wanted to walk, but then it was time to put her back in the stroller but she didn't want to get strapped so I said ok, ill be careful, well in a moment or two I totally forgot and when we went over a speed bump, she fell out of the stroller straight on her face. So stupid! She also fell off the bed, stairs, table, she didnt eat the pills yet but she drank from the bottle of olive oil and sucked on half a bottle of ketchup once.

  4. I hate to tell you..I HAVE the Mother of the Year award! And I won't allow anyone else to take it and I don't share well!

    I have done SO much worse as a mom, so don't beat yourself up! I think we all do it! Plus it is just plain tiring so who's to blame us!

    I can't even remember all the stupid things that have happened in the blink of an eye. But somehow kids are very resilent! Thank God!

    You are doing great! Being a mom is hard and there's no direction manual with a kid!

    PS If yu figure out how to not get him to stand in the tub, tell me. I have never been able to not get them to stand so yes we have had alot of fall outs.