Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Pics!

Earlier this month, we finally got around to getting some professional Lane and family photos.  You have no idea how hard of a time I had finding someone in the Richmond area to do this.  I had contacted and all but set up an official shoot date with three different photographers just to end up never hearing from them again.  I contacted my friend (and photographer) Lisa who jumped on a magic message board and found me Kacie Lynch, and I loved her!  She did such a great job, and I love that the session included a disk with all the pictures on it.  It didn't cost extra, which seemed to be the case with most other photographers.  We will definitely be using her again!

Sadly, Lane only had about an hour of tolerance in him that day, mostly because it was the coldest day that month, but we still got some good shots.  Here are a few (or a lot) of my favorites!!



  1. Adorable pics! And girl, you look great!! And excuse me being nosey, but Im with the other commenter on your last post, are you preggo? Or at least contemplating it?!

  2. He is SO cute! What a beautiful family!

    And yeah now I am wondering too....?????

  3. Margie Rafferty-CriscioneJanuary 10, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    Lindsey--we've missed you on the WTE board! How are you? How is the lawsuit going? any closure?
    Margie Rafferty-Criscione

  4. Here I am, nearly 2am and in tears (again) reading your blog.. I have been reading your blog since you were pregnant and felt such horrible sorrow when I learned what happened.. Anyway, my husband and I are struggling to TTC (he's infertile & our sperm donors have all backed out), but may get to finally officially start in 2 weeks (sperm donor #5)--which is why lately my mind seems to be racing until I crash around 2am.. I looked at the clock about 15 minutes ago and had the urge to "check on you" before heading to bed. I was so happy to see photos and new posts. It warms my heart to see you back on here again. Maybe it's the emotions of finally getting the chance to TRY to become pregnant, or maybe it's just hormones.. Either way, tears streamed down my face tonight while reading your blog. Only this time, they were happy tears. xo

  5. I just came across your blog and decided to follow along on your journey. Your story has touched me, and I'm just amazed at all your family has been through. You are incredible and Lane is super handsome!